Many individuals think that business is what drives technology, while others think that business is directly impacted by technology. The emergence of technology has made it much harder to pinpoint who or what is to blame. Everyone interested in business and technology is debating which theory is most accurate at the moment. But I see things differently. I think that sometimes business drives technology and other times technology drives business. The statement that business and technology are interconnected is entirely accurate. Through this article, I hope to demonstrate my point.

Think back to the time when it was decided that every company needed a board of directors. This approach is actually quite old. This form of management was also employed by the ancient Romans. It seems to imply that technology developed as a result of business and not the other way around. For instance, Reuters is responsible for the telegraph’s fame. The first organization to use the telegraph for a mission was the most powerful media organization in the world. There are plenty such instances.

A steam engine development sparked the industrial revolution, which in turn brought about a significant shift in the commercial sector. The corporate world has grown enormously over the world as a result of this transformation. This suggests that technology had a big hand in the company’s expansion to a worldwide scale. The primary driver of global company growth has been technology.

This does not, however, imply that technology will dominate the market. The speed at which processes are performed has undoubtedly risen thanks to technology. However, it is untrue to suggest that technology is a must for corporate operations.

Let me present the opposing viewpoint on this matter. The rationale for the telegraph’s initial discovery is obvious. It was because the commercial world demanded it. The first business to employ the telegraph was Reuters, which later rose to the top of the pack overall. Can we therefore assert that technology is cutting-edge and that one industry has an advantage over another? This is the situation, and we are entirely accurate. The link between technology and business is most crucial in this regard.

Technology can help you beat the odds while competing with other businessmen, and that much is true. Let’s think about the query from the first paragraph. Technology undoubtedly influences businesses at times, and at other times it is a factor because of the needs of the firm.


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