Technology evolved as a result of society. Society provided technology with all it needed to progress and expand. Many people assert that technology has given everything back to society, and they are correct. Society is greatly reliant on technology for its own growth and development. The two people are in a wonderful relationship, but is one of them unfairly taking advantage of the other?

The society includes technology. Technology is pervasive throughout society. The people and material resources required for technology to advance are provided by society. There is no denying the undeniable reality that technology has advanced and even thrived. What technology has done to and is still doing to society’s ability to advance is the topic under consideration.

First off, it should be mentioned that how technology is used in society has had a big influence on how people view it. Some of the unintended negative effects of technology range in severity from environmental damage to the seeming depletion of nonrenewable resources. They become obvious as a result of the widespread use of technology. They were unintentional and regrettable because they contributed as little as possible to society. Due to society’s total reliance on technology, it is now almost impossible to eradicate these habits.

The main goal of technology development was to make life easier for people. It concerned the use of resources to provide total control over the local environment and the events that occur there. The spread of technology has made knowledge omnipresent, communication quality unfathomably better, and the overall quality of life for the entire population rose dramatically. Sports have become more commercialized, and organizations can now reach more people worldwide.

The development of technology has also led to a variety of hazards. The two biggest issues, according to the top of the list, are pollution and global warming. Additionally, there is the tiny issue of the detrimental effects of the internet. Every new technology seems to come with its own waste problems that the general public finds challenging to manage. All types of trash have negative effects that have been well-documented.

Technology doesn’t seem to be able to fix every issue it created. Many consider it to be an idea deficit. Many people are unaware of the role that social technology use plays in these threats. Therefore, it is unreasonable for society to hold technology accountable for its flaws. One can wonder if these two conceptions are indeed distinct in light of the ongoing debates.


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