In the last few decades, technology has developed exponentially, providing our modern society with a lot of the amenities. These gadgets and devices have raised the level of living of the people to the point that we can’t live without them. The gadgets and devices that are included include television, cell phones computers, the internet, iPhones consoles such as the iPod, Wii and numerous others. It’s possible to remain without them, but. While it is amazing however, technology has its drawbacks, one of which is that , as technology advances, the population will remain more unproductive.

As we’ve already established, the human race has become increasingly reliant on technology, yet this development has also brought us some terrible health problems. People who are indolent may choose to spend hours lying on their backs and staring at an electronic display rather than exercising or going outside because of technology. However, it’s become clear in recent years that people prefer to associate with organizations who share their beliefs and values and avoid others who have contrary opinions. The end consequence is a uniform online community with no diversity and a significant undermining of democratic fundamentals.

Although using buses or vehicles to get around is necessary in the modern world, these practices give the impression that everyone is just being lazy. Nowadays, the majority of individuals are too lazy to think of taking a short walk to get there. Today, everyone owns a car that they can use to travel anywhere, even if it’s just a little distance across the corner or across the street. Since technology has undoubtedly produced vehicles and practically everything else we do or are around, I’m not attempting to appear to be an old-fashioned person. You can take satisfaction in the fact that automakers frequently brag about the newest models of their cars, which have several air bags and high crash test scores. The most recent improvements in vehicles may make drivers less alert, but since cars are a necessity in the current world, the improvements in security are more significant than the leisure component.

Cell phones, one of the biggest technological advances, have brought people closer together than ever. With just a few buttons and a strong signal, cell phones let anyone reach anyone, anywhere, at any time (if they’re ready to pay extra fees and accept the call). The emergence of the “texting” culture and its execrations of our language and communication talents has been brought on by the invention of cell phones, but also adds to the expense of connecting humanity.

In the contemporary day, video games have returned as a source of entertainment, education, and relaxation. Contrary to what soccer moms claim, computer games don’t cause kids to become into terrorists. The truth is that video games can have outcomes that are comparable to those of the movies you see in theaters. They enable you to evolve as a person and see things from many angles, which is advantageous for personal growth. They are great to play when you meet people or at social events.

Technology is great; it has changed the world for the better and raised everyone’s standard of living in ways we never dreamed were possible. Although technology has shortcomings, the amount of good it has done far outweighs those flaws. If you can maintain self-control, technology is fantastic for social networking tools, greater security for all forms of entertainment, and many other things.


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